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SWANS - Amazing Sound and Value

Frank Hale, Head of Development and Founder

SWANS Speakers

Welcome to SWANS! We are very pleased to welcome you. Swans is one of the world's leading speaker manufacturers. We offer a wide selection of quality, innovative and high-end orientated products; everything from pure audio systems to premium home theater installations. Our goal is producing the best speakers possible. Numerous international prizes and awards confirm our success and are also evidence of the uncompromising quality of our products. Our Research & Development Department has one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the world. Deploying some of the best acoustical engineers in conjunction with one of the largest and most modern production facilities, we are able to realize extraordinarily high-quality speakers at an almost unbelievable price-performance ratio.  


Unlike many other speaker brands, we develop and manufacture all components ourselves. This is the only way to implement our ideas while guaranteeing our quality claims.

Swans speakers are designed and built to our demanding standards providing the quality and reliability one expects from a high-end manufacturer. Each speaker is exhaustively tested and subjected to very stringent quality control inspections during and after manufacturing prior to
being shipped.

Gain your own impression of the outstanding performance and value of Swans high-end and home theater speakers at one of our authorized dealers near you.

With Swans you will be surprised how affordable true high-end can be.